How It Works


It all starts with an impossible challenge

Challenges are launched to capture the minds of the most hardcore solvers. They are crafted by professors, industry pros and the Unpossibly team and always have positive, practical application if solved.


Bring on the ideas

Members now get collaborating on Slack, submitting and contributing to mind-bending ideas. What’s in it for a solver? Any idea that progresses to market earns solvers a percentage of future revenue or earn cash from challenge bounties.


Get prototyping, request funding

We care about ideas actually getting built. Unpossibly allows any member to take on an idea, start prototyping and request funding. If successful, a builder, will also be entitled to a percentage of future revenue.

Coming Soon

  • Funding Campaigns
  • Product Launches
  • Next Level Challenges

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What our users are saying:

“Really great; it combines two things I've been looking for: a place to collaborate and a good source of cool ideas.”
“Its quite interesting. Most of the projects seem very difficult, but i think it challenges people to find solutions, which i love. i love a challenge!”
“Brilliant and odd.”