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Allow someone to immediately skip to the best part of a YouTube video that they have never seen

Data analytics


Use data analytics from people who have watched before to see which section of the video is the most popular. While most people viewing it for the first time would watch the whole video, those rewatching it would skip to their favourite parts to save time, and over a period of time these average out to give you a summary on the most watched parts of the video. Using this data a section or sections of the clip can be highlighted in the timeline of the player for the user to jump to.

Skip to the Punch


A new boxing glove icon/button that “skips to the punch” which is simply designated by the video uploader. Input timeline location and activate “punch” button.

If uploader designates a time range then the “punch” button will play the punch video and stop at end range. Repeatedly press the “punch” button to rewatch the punch bit. Fun!

Simple Solution


Instead of Complex solutions such as liking at certain frame and showing them , my solution is much simple which uses the existing resources to get the work done, that is a simple “BOT” which crawls for the comment section with “TIME LINKS”, which most of the youtube videos consists, then we check such comments with markers such as “AWESOME , CHECK IT OUT , MINDBLOWING” etc, this process is to remove noise and to show only the cool stuff, but the only drawback for this app is it works with videos consisting of only “TIME LINKS “

Active Voting


A youtube player that lets you actually click ‘like’ at certain parts of the video, rather than just for the video overall. As more people click ‘like’ at certain areas of the video, it will become obvious where the action is. It will be simple enough to then skip forward to the action based on where the majority of the likes exist.

Brain Exploder


So this may sound a little bit hectic. I did a quick version up on keynote to see if it might work, and apart from getting the rainbow wheel of death for about 5 minutes, it actually wasn’t too bad. I took a video of a car crash on top gear. I then duplicated it 11 times on a keynote slide so that I had a total of 12 copies. I divided the slide into 12 even parts (4 x 3) and put one video in each section. I then changed the start time of each video to be 15 seconds later than the previous, with the first video starting at 0. I then looped each video after 15 seconds. The final results showed 12 videos playing simultaneously with each video showing a different 15 second chunk of the video. It’s quite fascinating because you can very quickly find where the action is happening, and in the real version you would be able to click it and start the video from there.

One interesting thing I noticed, is if you want to rewind you can simply look back one rectangle, and if you want to skip forward you can just look forward one rectangle. Anyway, see the rough prototype here:

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