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Efficiently type with only one action per word

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I believe there may be a way to achieve this by simply inputting the first letter of each word. After some quick experimentation and processing of a few hundred common phrases, almost every phrase has a unique series of first letters. The sentence, “What are you up to tonight? represents as Wayutt?”. I don’t believe it would be predictive, as in, you won’t see the sentence necessarily appearing as you go, but once the input is complete, the right APIs should be able to very accurately define what that sentence is. Even the fact that it ends in a question mark, provides information on what the words may be. There are a few words that start with the same letters and regularly find themselves in similar positions in a sentence such as “Tonight” “Tomorrow” and “Today”. This may prove to make it a little difficult, but I’m sure there will be a simple work around. In summary, you type in the first letter of each word in the sentence, when the sentence is complete, its instantly processed and the most logical sentence is displayed (you can swipe through other combinations). Capitals can be used to indicate pronouns, and a free type option can be included for difficult / unusual words.



Using Google Cloud’s Predictive API, there could be a way to take predictive typing to the next level.

I imagine on a computer, having a keyboard layout taking up the bottom half of the screen. The 50 (or so) most popular first words of a sentence are shown within the keys. Each word is within the letter that it starts with. For example, on the ‘a’ key you may see the words ‘Are’, ‘Any’ and ‘Already’. You type by using the keyboard, and strike the key in which you see the word you want to use.

Potentially 1 ‘a’ for ‘Are’, double ‘a’ for ‘Any’ and so on. Once the first letter has been struck and the word has been input, the 50 most popular words to follow the first word would be displayed in a similar fashion. It may take some getting used to, but even if it was twice as slow as inputting letters, it would still be twice as fast overall.

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