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Type twice as fast with half the keys

New alphabet


Remove redundancies by creating a new alphabet that autotranslates into english as you type.
For example, we can remove “c” since any word that has a “c” can be subbed for “k” or “s”
so that when you type “kake”, the program automatically outputs “cake”.

Smart Guessing


Using Analytics, a new software keyboard can be created that uses a smart AI that learns as you (and others) use it. As sentence and word patterns become more commonly used, predictive letters will be the only options to select. Similar to some gps search algorithms, if you were searching for john street and you typed in “j”, the only selectable letters afterwards would be vowels because there is now street in the world that starts with “jx” for example. Using this same logic, the software will be able to determine what users usually start their conversations off with and it can be personalized to the person’s typing style and vocabulary.

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