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Enable anyone to recall any 10 characters after seeing them for just 1 second

Mnemonic major system


Using the Mnemonic Major System (check Wikipedia for more information!), you can convert numbers into consonant sounds.

For example, 3141592653 becomes something like: m/t/r/t/L/p/n/ch/L/m

Now, fill the space with vowels to form words:

Mighty rat, lie upon a chilly ham.

(made that one myself, hopefully it’s correct?)

A tool to help people remember in this way could figure out all possible word combinations for a number; or it could try to find some quote or sentence that fits that number; or something else entirely.

There are so many techniques for memorizing things already. An app that teaches and helps people actually use those techniques could be pretty awesome!

Pair Counter


Imagine 10 digits in a line. The digits are then revealed in pairs for 0.2 seconds each. This takes 1 second in total and showcases 10 digits. After trying 7 different approaches on a Keynote prototype, it appears to be easiest to consume the digits in pairs. 0.1 seconds per individual digit is far too fast, while showing all digits at once for 1 second appears too complex. This solution isn’t perfect, but appears to be a version I can get right 1 in 3 times roughly.

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