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Transfer a link to a co-worker using only one action

Drag’n’Drop with Mesh of Head-Bubbles!


Kind of a text-wall, but bear with me as I think this solution is actually kinda cool.

Like others here, the first idea that popped into my head was a chrome extension. It’s the intuitive solution, and might work. Thinking more about the problem and the solution, I’ve found it runs into 3 main problems:
1. Not mobile friendly.
2. Not a one-click solution.
3. Only works within chrome.

Let’s expand on them a bit:
1. Not mobile friendly. Chrome extensions can’t be easily transferred to become a mobile solution. If I want to send a link from my phone, that would prove problematic and would probably entail more than one click and a different user-interface from the desktop-based one. We want the same experience on all devices.
2. Not a one-click solution. Chrome-extensions will almost definitely require more than one click. Yes, with proper design the extension might get us from around 8 clicks to about 2-3. But that sounds like settling, right?
3. Only works within chrome. Sending anything from outside of chrome (files, links from other browsers, etc) will have to build as some workaround and not a seamless part of the solution. Too convoluted.

Enter… Drag’n’Drop with Mesh of Head-Bubbles! (name is a work in progress 🙂

Imagine dragging what you want to send (be it a link, an image from the web, or a file on your file-system) to the side of the screen. When you hit the side, a mesh of bubbles opens where each bubble represent a device, either nearby (GPS/Bluetooth) or frequently used, and when you drop what you dragged on it – the transfer will begin instantly. The bubbles are sorted with more likely contacts closer to the center of the mesh.
Should even be a rather simple software, with the main issues I predict being a smooth and flowing UI and handling large file transfer (either large file size or large amount of files).

Hope you like this solution, feedback would be more than welcomed.

Browser Extension


This needs a little pre-work for it to ultimately happen with one action.
Imagine having a browser extension that functions like AirDrop on Apple systems. It detects all users on a particular network like Wifi and lists them out. You can then create user groups and categorize them however you wish.

Now, to share a link (and this ideally works specifically for any text that has a hyperlink attached to it), take your mouse, hover over a link for more than 2 seconds and a dropdown with {SEND} pops up. Move your mouse on it and an extended list of the users shows up. Click on who you want to send it to, and Boom! Done.

Option 1: To be listed on that, the user too must have the extension installed so that the link can pop up on their browser.

Option 2: Each user that you most interact with can have an email id mapped against their pc. That way, the extension sends an email to them with the link.



A Browser extension. Interface (Method 1): Alpha-sorted icon list of associates. If you click on “Bob’s” icon whilst viewing current web page, current web link is sent to Bob’s account.

More in-depth (Method 2): A “draggable” favorite links list is created. Now, click and drag one of the fave link icons to [BOOM Send] recipient contact book. Book expands, revealing contacts icons to drop the link onto, with alpha-sortability at the top of the book (if it’s a long contact list).

Chrome Extension


The quickest way is to have an icon on the browser to send to another colleague’s browser.
Linker(http://www.getlinker.com/) has a similar solution but the interface and functions could be fine tuned better.

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