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Browse the internet on a smartphone without being connected to the internet

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Use SMS as an alternative


Something like this has existed in the past, where google would share results via SMS. You text google with your query and it will respond back almost instantaneously with the information over SMS.

Websites and appliations must have a number that users can call or text to get relevant information without the need to connect to the internet. eg) Booking an Uber when you don’t have an internet connection. You send a text or call a number(provided by uber) that would then get the system to look up the location from where your message/call was sent, and book the nearest cab for you.

Also have an offline version inbuilt in each app, so you can download the content when you are on a WiFi connection, and you can consume it when you have no connection.


Felipe De Souza

Pode ser criado um aplicativo que usa mensagens de texto para enviar requisições de navegação e receber o conteúdo via SMS, o qual o aplicativo irá converter os dados recebidos (código fonte de sites ou dados em texto) em informação estruturada (o site em sí ou informações desejadas).

Markov Chains + Differential Changes


Get the probability of the top sites a person visits, until you get in a 2 standard deviation range. Create a probability tree where you get the probability of visiting pages (depth wise, with relative links), Download the assets/base of the website, and store the HTML tree in a git like n-ary tree.

Download to the device, then once you go online to get changes again, you apply a diff with the website and the current snapshot of the page and push the changes to the offline cellphone, then browse normally. If everything is done correctly, it should be really rare for the phone to have misses.



The mesh offline internet consists of a mesh based intranet coupled with a sneakernet to exchange data with the internet by giving users incentives to form the sneakernet via an economy based credit system.

WiFi Preload


Download videos / websites while on wifi and watch later. The focus will be on downloading the latest content that you’re interested in based on your subscriptions.

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