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Halve the time it takes to download a movie, while not reducing the quality

Simulant Server Movie


This idea will require movies to be solely 3D-based.

When a movie is made it will be analyzed by a Simulant Server and all object data will be recorded and stored in a movie datafile. This will contain keyframed (per frame data) x,y,z, rotation, objects (actors, skins, and wardrobe), weather, camera positions, etc. Audio will be synched to the timeline before export. Now, you are downloading a movie movement script rather than a huge (visual) movie file.

Middle Out


Well, this idea is inspired by Dropbox’s Lepton algorithm. Increasing speed without compromising the quality of a movie, music or anything is possible. But this can be done by making a two way transfer.

What is two way transfer?
-> No this is not a technical term but it is what the name says it is. Whenever a user demands a download there has to be a random user uploading it to the server. That can mean one uploader for a downloader.

How can we use it?
-> As the user uploads it, the other user who wants to download the data can assign himself to that particular uploader whilst he uploads it. Upload and download take place at the same time byte by byte as if cars passing in a two way tunnel.

-> This would also compel the cache technology to enhance.
Faster algorithm with the same hardware configuration.

-> Some random uploader has to be online all the time

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