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Make a productivity tool that fits into the mouse cursor

Color changing cursor


the mouse can turn red whenever hovering over unsafe links or unsafe executables/script files by integrating a very fast virus scanner into it. It can turn green for safe apps and it should also be customizable so that it can have other functions such as clicking fun links like reddit or youtube turn your mouse color orange to indicate you’re procrastinating.

Mouse click + Pomodoro Technique


This idea combines two different tools to improve productivity: the well-known Pomodoro Technique and a simple mouse click. Everytime you click on the screen for more than 5 seconds, it will start a 25 min counter on the computer toolbar that will work as a Pomodoro counter (25 min work + 5 min rest).



We can make a mouse that can with movement detection along 2-Dimension can detect motion in 3rd dimension .

This mouse will be quite useful with the upcoming V.R technoligies . After using V.R. , I realised that there is a very big issue in V.R. and that is we have to either move our head in that direction or use our mouse. Both of these things have limitations. We can’t use our mouse to move in 3 dimensions and moving our head is not as much convinient.

There is a idea in my mind to develop a mouse that can sense motion in 3-dimensions. So with the VR we can sense 3-dimension motion and we can navigate through our desktop icons by using mouse and VR. VR+3D mouse will revolutionize the way we interact with our PC and smartphones.

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