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Allow someone to know the reason why someone is calling before they answer the phone

Video call


Simple idea, using video call can solve the problem. Receiver can know who is calling or what emotion of caller. Caller also can chose what topic of the call before pick up the phone to call.

Kallma = Call + Karma


The main problem this faces instantly is the misusing of the technology, any of the proposed ideas so far would work perfect but people will start using an “urgent” emoji, message or headline to get the receiver’s attention, leading us back to the problem (not knowing what the caller wants).

Kallma = Call + Karma (quick name I came up with)
This is a custom designed call/incoming call screen with an integrated system:

The caller:
Dial number, and choose from a list of common/most used reasons to call, this could be: “urgent/fun/lunch/talk/work/school/etc” just enough information to let the receiver know what this call would be about. The system should adapt to know who you talk and what’s the often reason you call someone, when calling a stranger, the most common reasons will be displayed.

The receiver:
Incoming call screen appears, with name/number/photo/reason they’re calling for and Kallma score, you could either pick up or decline the call.
If declined this is the end of the process, but if picked up, the call follows its normal course, after hanging up, you can thumbs up or down the caller for being honest about the reason or not.

The system:
All that being said you’ll need a database with phone numbers, names, photos and score for each number, this information wouldn’t be visible to anyone but when a number calls you; score will be calculated in an average from global score and your personal given score (not sure if possible or unnecesary), optionally you can toggle to hide the score from the screen if an user is above 80% or add exceptions from someone you really trust.
Another use this could lead is to warn people from scammers, extortionists and bad intended calls.

Phew! that was long! but after analizing for 10 minutes the idea this is what I came up with I hope you like it!

Emojii Call


Upon calling someone, you can optionally attach an emojii that will appear on their end as they are receiving a call. This can inform users what kind of call they’re going to receive depending on the emojii sent.

Caller ringtone


This requires the telco to change their protocols by immediately allowing the call to go through to the mobile phone in a single direction from the caller to the receiver, allowing the caller to talk to the receiver while not being able to listen to the receiver until the receiver picks up. This allows the caller to immediately inform the receiver on what he wants to talk about without the need for any other action other than calling the receiver, and it would be up to the receiver to pick up the call. This means that the receiver hears the caller talking instead of a ringtone, similar to the old voicemail machines, for a limited period of time.

Caller says a short headline that is displayed at receiver’s phone


After the call button is pressed, the caller can say a short “headline” of his calls. This “headline” will be captured with voice recognition system and display as text at the receiver’s end. Everything else is just like a normal phone-call interface.

The problem is, it is too easy to game this solution. Caller can always say sth totally different from the reason why he is calling.

But when used correctly, it can solve this problem 100%.

Beep, Beep, Beep


The dialer, selects one of 3 options upon dialing. Depending on what the call is about, the phone will either beep in lots of 3, 2 or 1. The recipient will know what the beeps (or vibrates) correspond to and can make a decision to take the call or not before even taking the device out of the pocket.

Integrated Text Message


Using a custom phone interface, once you’ve found the contact, rather than push dial, you push one of the following 3 buttons. It’s urgent, less than a minute, or over a minute. This then dials the recipient and also sends a text at the same time. When the person picks up their phone they will see the message at the same time and therefore know what the call is about.

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